Getting Accredited as Best Employer Brand

The Authority in Recognition and Development of Workplace Best Practices

Welcome to Best Employer Brand, the authority in recognizing excellence in workplace best practices. Our goal as always is to help organizations cultivate a healthy and productive working environment, to effectively Attract, Engage and Retain the best talents.

Organizations that choose to embark on this journey with us are equipped with the propensity and firepower to benchmark themselves against the best competitors, both locally and globally. We want to duly acknowledge firms for excellent performance and company culture, and help others recognize them as the elites of their respective categories and industries. Distinguishing the firm will not only shine a light on the value of the brand, but it will also help establish the industry standard—prominence for other firms to look up to.

Our program is a foundational platform through which the employee and employer can attain higher levels of success. Employees better themselves through the honing of skill and accumulation of knowledge. By exposing the brand to targeted audiences, the prestige of the brand is harnessed and it creates a space in which loyalty is developed and customers are retained. The resources we offer facilitates the maximization of publicity, the curation of positive organizational profiling as well as the heightening of brand awareness and reputation. With us, your organization will be well on its way to becoming nationally and internationally respected.

Eligibility to Get Accredited as a Best Employer Brand

  • Business Operation >24 Months

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Best Employer Brand is the ultimate key to awarding your brand with recognition for its achievements in workplace culture and practices. We employ a rigorous methodology to generate constructive assessments and an intuitive framework to reflect with authenticity the voice of your employees.

The Crown will be awarded for organizations who had obtained an employee experience rating of 80% & above

3 Stars Accreditation will be awarded for organizations who had obtained an employee experience rating between 65% – 79%

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