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The Authority in Recognition and Development of Workplace Best Practices

Welcome to Best Employer Brand, the authority in recognizing excellence in workplace best practices. Our goal as always is to help organizations cultivate a healthy and productive working environment, to effectively Attract, Engage and Retain the best talents.

Organizations that choose to embark on this journey with us are equipped with the propensity and firepower to benchmark themselves against the best competitors, both locally and globally. We want to duly acknowledge firms for excellent performance and company culture, and help others recognize them as the elites of their respective categories and industries. Distinguishing the firm will not only shine a light on the value of the brand, but it will also help establish the industry standard—prominence for other firms to look up to.

Our program is a foundational platform through which the employee and employer can attain higher levels of success. Employees better themselves through the honing of skill and accumulation of knowledge. By exposing the brand to targeted audiences, the prestige of the brand is harnessed and it creates a space in which loyalty is developed and customers are retained. The resources we offer facilitates the maximization of publicity, the curation of positive organizational profiling as well as the heightening of brand awareness and reputation. With us, your organization will be well on its way to becoming nationally and internationally respected.

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How many statements are there in total?

There are 70 statements highlighting the hallmark areas of an engaging workplace and other facts-finding statements.

Who is the Accreditation Body?

The Best Employer Brand is an initiative of Talentbank, with the objective of helping companies to create the best workplace practices.

Our survey is backed by the advisory board that acts as an independent party. There are no judges and the results are 100% determined by your employees.

After taking the survey, my company did not qualify for an accreditation.

Participating companies that were not able to reach the minimum threshold will be able to take the accreditation again after a period of 180 days.

How much time do we need to put aside for this program?

You can kick-off the accreditation process as fast as the next day. It takes approx. 30 – 35 minutes to complete our employee engagement survey.

The entire process will take approximately 7-30 days (depending on each organization) from the survey stage to the accreditation stage.

Is it possible for my company to distribute the surveys to a selected number of employees?

You may choose to distribute the survey to a selected group of employees. Nevertheless, depending on the number of employees in your company, to be eligible for accreditation requires starting minimum participation of total employees in the company. We also encourage you to distribute the survey to all your employees so you are able to obtain an overview of the employee engagement index.

I have employees who don't have email address, can they still take the survey?

Yes! We can set up an offline kiosk in your reception area. The data will be collected offline and it will sync to our system upon completion.

Is our data secured?

All information and data collected are strictly in compliance with each country’s local privacy laws. The entire process is completely confidential. All surveys are anonymous and when completed, they are sent directly to our system which will collect and analyze the data. The survey results will not be shared, and we do not sell or rent data to 3rd parties. All data will be kept only for the duration of the assessment period in which all data will be deleted after final scoring has been determined.

Get Awarded as Best Employer Brand

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