Who’s eligible for Best Employer Brand Accreditation?

Organizations that are based in APAC are eligible for this accreditation.

Who are Best Employer Brand?

The authority in recognizing excellence in employee experience best practices so we could help organizations build a happier, and healthier workplace culture.

By getting awarded as Best Employer Brand, organizations can effectively attract, engage, and retain exponential talents.

What do we do?

Best Employer Brand Accreditation gives your clients, partners, investors, and employees the assurance that your organization places great importance on workplace engagement and works conscientiously to show that it values each and every employee. 

We help organizations get recognized for cultivating a great workplace environment through our accreditation program, to effectively Attract, Engage and Retain the most qualified and suitable potential candidates.

Our accreditation program is the standard of workplace engagement in the APAC, recognizing organizations and managers who genuinely value and respect their employees.

How do we do that?

It starts with our employee engagement survey. Employees are shared with a unique link to share how they feel about various aspects of their working lives by scoring a series of 50 statements (sometimes referred to as questions) within our 7 Hallmarks on a scale of ‘Strongly Disagree’ to ‘Strongly Agree’.

If your survey results score 65% and above, you’ll earn a Best Employer Brand accreditation and a featured profile on the Best Employer Brand in APAC’s list.

What is invitation via email?

It’s our recommended survey distribution method. You will disseminate the unique link shared by us to your employees.

Why Best Employer Brand?

  • Portray as Best Employer to Work For
    Pave the way for a competitive reputation among the top firms in your industry.
  • Portray as Leader of the Industry
    By helping you meet top workplace standards, your organization will be seen as the leader of your industry.
  • Attract Best Talents by Word of Mouth
    Be the subject of conversation when talents are looking for employment opportunities.
  • Better Understand your Employees
    Strong connection with employees ensures that their concerns are understood, and individually appreciated.
  • Increased Employee Loyalty
    Talents develop a sense of loyalty to your organization because of the care shown by the organization towards them.
  • Increased Employee Pride
    Employees are proud of their work and of the organization which they represent.

What’s asked in the survey?

The employee engagement survey contains of 50 questions about things like relationship, wellbeing, recognition and more. The questions focus on our 7 Hallmarks of workplace engagement.

Are survey responses confidential?

Yes, we take great care to make sure employees aren’t matched to their survey responses.

Responses are grouped and subjected to strict rules to ensure strict confidentiality. The demographic data we collect is only used to identify patterns of engagement in your organization.

Individual responses are only revealed for the survey’s two free-text questions. These questions ask employees to describe why they think yours is a good organization to work for and what would make it better. The free-text questions are only accompanied by information about the respondent’s employment group e.g. sales, marketing, accounts etc.

How long does each survey take to complete?

Roughly 15-20 minutes.

Does the survey have to be completed in one sitting?

Yes, if an employee wants to leave the survey and come back later to complete it, he/she will be starting the survey all over again.

What does the survey consist of?

The first section asks for demographic information such as the age range, sex, the department the employee works in, and length of service, ethnicity, nationality. (This may not be necessary if you choose to pre-populate your demographic data.)


The second section contains 50 statements about your organization. Your employees are asked to rate how much they agree with each statement using a ten-point scale from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree.


Finally, employees are asked 5 questions:

  • I can see myself working in this Company for another year.
  • If I would start over, I would apply to this Company again.
  • I am proud to work in this Company.
  • I am willing to put in extra effort to help this Company to succeed.
  • I would recommend this Company as Best Employer Brand.


We added in two free-write questions based on their rating results in each Hallmark. These two questions will only show if they rated very low and very high.

Can a survey be traced back to an individual?

No, it is critical to us that employee confidentiality is maintained.

When does the survey close?

Surveys typically close 7 or 30 days after launching. Please speak to us if you would like to extend the survey period.

What happens if I don’t make the list?

First, rest assured, we keep results completely confidential. We never disclose the names of companies who participate in the process but do not get recognized. You have nothing to lose.

While it’s disappointing not to be recognized for a list you’re really interested in, going through the process is still extremely valuable.

You gain the benefits of employee feedback and can use our helpful reports and analytics to gain actionable insights about your business. We have Culture Coaches available if you’d like a little expert support along the way. And when you’re ready, try again!

Why is 65% the benchmark to gain this accreditation?

How many statements are there in total?

There are 50 statements highlighting the hallmark areas of an engaging workplace and other fact-finding statements.

Who is the Accreditation Body?

The Best Employer Brand is an initiative of Talentbank, with the objective of helping companies to create the best workplace practices.

Our survey is backed by the advisory board that acts as an independent party. There are no judges and the results are 100% determined by your employees.

After taking the survey, my company did not qualify for an accreditation.

Participating companies that were not able to reach the minimum threshold will be able to take the accreditation again after a period of 180 days.

How much time do we need to put aside for this program?

You can kick-off the accreditation process as fast as the next day. It takes approx. 30 – 35 minutes to complete our employee engagement survey.

The entire process will take approximately 7-30 days (depending on each organization) from the survey stage to the accreditation stage.

Is it possible for my company to distribute the surveys to a selected number of employees?

You may choose to distribute the survey to a selected group of employees. Nevertheless, depending on the number of employees in your company, to be eligible for accreditation requires starting minimum participation of total employees in the company. We also encourage you to distribute the survey to all your employees so you are able to obtain an overview of the employee engagement index.

I have employees who don't have email address, can they still take the survey?

Yes! We can set up an offline kiosk in your reception area. The data will be collected offline and it will sync to our system upon completion.

Is our data secured?

All information and data collected are strictly in compliance with each country’s local privacy laws. The entire process is completely confidential. All surveys are anonymous and when completed, they are sent directly to our system which will collect and analyze the data. The survey results will not be shared, and we do not sell or rent data to 3rd parties. All data will be kept only for the duration of the assessment period in which all data will be deleted after final scoring has been determined.