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Over 50,000 respondents have contributed to our surveys.

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Our list, though not exhaustive, is certainly an exclusive one. The organisations in our list possess a distinct advantage over all the other firms in the industry: an extraordinary PR story at both regional and international level. Your organisation will have the tangible recognition with which to benchmark itself against competitors.

Ascension to the list requires the completion of a set of employee engagement surveys. Through such, a proper assessment can be made and if the standards are met, the reward will be none other than accreditation as a Best Employer Brand.

We cover a wide range of businesses, in both private and public sectors. Our services are extended to businesses ranging in size from 20 to over 10,000 employees. Our ability and flexibility allows us to assist firms in major industries such as technology, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, banking and financial services.

Our research is not simply a compilation of employees’ thoughts and perspectives; the compilation helps us identify patterns and pinpoint work principles which employees believe will allow them to be successful in their work. These efforts give us a better understanding of the harmony in the organisation and equip us with insight on how to motivate employees. Whilst there is no universal formula for revealing the idiosyncrasies of these companies, our research has uncovered a few common themes which will be useful for igniting constructive change in company culture.

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Asia's Authority in Recognizing Workplace Best Practices, 100% judged by the employees

Best Employer Brand is an Asia’s Authority in recognizing excellence in workplace best practices so we could help organisations build a happier, and healthier workplace culture. 

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Malaysia's Most Authoritative Graduate Employer Branding Award, 100% Voted by University Students

The Graduates’ Choice Award is an award of the highest distinction that gives recognition to outstanding organisations that demonstrate exceptional employer branding within Universities.

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