Recognizing Excellence in Workplace Best Practices

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Your organization will gain a sterling reputation and a coveted place among the best employers in Asia. Qualified and recognized talents will naturally desire to join your organization.



This accreditation facilitates the establishment of strong employee engagement within your organization. Strong engagement will set the grounds for long-term success.



This accreditation helps you retain the best talents within your organization. When you’re one of the top employers in Asia, you’d be hard put to find someone who would want to leave.



We want to provide you with the insight necessary to improve your organization and constantly work towards becoming the best employer there is.


Why get accredited for Best Employer Brand?

Attract, Engage, and Retain Exponential Talents

Portray as Best Employer to Work For

Pave the way for a competitive reputation among the top firms in your industry.

Portray as Leader of the Industry

By helping you meet top workplace standards, we make you a leader.

Attract Best Talents by Word of Mouth

Be the subject of conversation when talents are looking for employment opportunities.

Better Understand your Employees

Strong connection with employees ensures that their concerns are understood and individuality appreciated.

Increased Employee Loyalty

Talents develop a sense of loyalty to your organization because of the care shown by the organization towards them.

Increased Employee Pride

Employees are proud of their work and of the organization which they represent.

Increased Self-Realization

Employees are more reflective and are able to realize the value they bring to the organization.

Higher Staff Retention

Employees have a strong sense of belonging and want to remain part of your organization for as long as possible.

Higher Productivity

Your organization as a whole becomes more productive and will, therefore, be more profitable.

Morale Booster

Top reputation will give your staff a sense of achievement and serve to motivate them in their work.

Upon accreditation, your organization will be receiving

Best Employer Badge

Best Employer Badge

Gain the rights to use our Accreditation Badge for up to 12 months after being accredited

Accreditation Toolkit

Accreditation Toolkit

You will receive a toolkit to help you promote your organisation as Best Employer Brand

Featured Profile

Featured Profile

Upon accreditation, get your company featured at

Engagement Report

Engagement Report

Receive a summary report on your employee engagement levels upon completion of survey

Get Accredited as Best Employer Brand