Best Employer Brand

What is Best Employer Brand?

Employer Brand is an organizational identity related to the employee experience. It is a term to describe company/organization reputation and popularity as a good place to work from a potential employer’s perspective to employees. Employer brand message needs to be effective and attract the employees. The organization/company must build an image/identity that is reliable and inspiring. It transcends talent attraction all the way through to employee engagement and retention.

As an organization/company, to uncover and define the organization’s employer brand, they have to make a thorough research to ensure that this identity is not aimed only at attracting talent, it is also satisfying for employers and employees. A positive employer brand communicates that the organization is a good employer and a great place to work. Employer brand affects the recruitment of new employees, retention and engagement of current employees, and the overall perception of the organization in the market.

Along with digital development, talent attraction becomes not only more difficult, but also more important. In a world that constantly changes, HR departments are under pressure to navigate among new generations and techniques, therefore demolishing the old recruitment process. The digital environment means distractions and the organization need to focus in order to attract talent attention.

For organizations that are still in doubt about investing in employer branding, here’s WHY it’s so important.

Increase employees’ retention and recruitment

Before applying for a job, employees usually look at the social media channels of employers to have an idea of the brand image. Through these channels, they can have an idea of employers’ expectation and whether they can fit into the company culture. For employees, it is very important to be a part of the right company culture and feeling proud of the organization.

Reduce your costs

A strong employer brand will attract potential candidates to apply for jobs/positions naturally, thus reducing your recruiting costs. Those money can be spent on other aspects such as product development in order to get ahead of your competitors. Also, according to statistics candidates are willing to accept a lower pay, if they work in a company with positive reviews and a well-known brand.

Your employees become your ambassadors

The more your employees talk positively about you, the more you get good candidates. When your current employees become your brand ambassadors, you will see an increase in hiring through referrals. This is because current employees talking about the business helps to strengthen the brand without spending on marketing, instead awareness is increased by word of mouth.

Improves employee engagement

Working in strong brands will generally increase employees’ enthusiasm and motivation, leading to higher productivity and growth for business. This is great for employer because growing business means growing revenues, thus ensuring company financial stability. A financially stable company is always more attractive to potential candidates. Moreover, your employees feel more secure in their jobs.