Recognizing Excellence in Employee Experience

About Us

Our History

Best Employer Brand is an accreditation body founded by Ben Ho, CEO and founder of Talentbank. For the last 10 years, Talentbank has connected young professionals and graduates with top employers through partnerships with Universities and human resources professionals. In 2018, Talentbank hosted their very first Graduates’ Choice Award and continue to strive to meet the highest standards of accreditation and transparency.

Today, Talentbank is proud to present Best Employer Brand with the aim to improve workplace engagement and create a happier and healthy culture in companies. In collaboration with more than 100 universities and a board of advisory comprising of experts in workplace culture, Best Employer Brand introduces a tested and thorough methodology that allows companies to accurately measure workplace engagement levels.

Partnering with The Edge, our lists are showcased on the front page as a token of recognition to the Best Employers around the world for diligently providing a healthy and happy work culture.

In Best Employer Brand, we strive to make your workplace as the best workplace.