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The recognized standard for employee experience. Be awarded as one of the APAC's Best Employer Brands.

Best Employer Brand gives your clients, partners, investors, and employees the assurance that your organization places great importance on workplace engagement and works conscientiously to show that it values each and every member of the effort.

Whether your purpose is to invite and retain the most qualified individuals, place yourselves amongst the top organizations of your category, or simply to showcase organic company culture through developing workplace engagement, an award from Best Employer Brand can and will help you achieve those objectives.

1. Complete Survey

1. Complete Survey

Our employee experience survey provides you with a quantifiable and informative measure of employee satisfaction, allowing you to determine how well your organization ranks amongst the highest-ranked firms in your industry.

2. Get Accredited

2. Get Accredited

The survey results give detailed information that allows the recognition of employee experience within your organization, giving the credit you deserve as well as the potential to be recognized as the Best Employer Brand in your industry.

3. Download Detailed Report

3. Download Detailed Report

After being awarded, all participating organizations have the option to receive a detailed reporting, which includes employee feedback for each survey question, employee comments, and aggregate organizational benchmarks

4. Inclusion in Media Coverages

4. Inclusion in Media Coverages

After your organization has been awarded, it will occupy a coveted place on our published list of the top accredited firms. This will be published across the media coverages in your geographical area.

5. Celebration at Awards Gala

5. Celebration at Awards Gala

As firm believers in rewarding and recognising success, we would then like to invite you to our exclusive celebration gala night, held annually. You will meet the top organisations and celebrate your achievements with them.

6. Be a Talent Magnet

6. Be a Talent Magnet

As one of the Best Employer Brands, you will be able to attract and engage with the most qualified and suitable potential candidates as well as engage and retain existing employees.

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